Description of Substances

N-fullerene polyaminocaproic acid.

The substance is a mixture of position isomers of covalently bound amino acid groups, in which the polar groups of amino acid fragments are coordinated on fullerene amino acid derivatives with the formation of either ionic bonds between the carboxyl group of the fullerene amino acid and the ammonium group, (NH3 + -), amino acids, or hydrogen bonds of the L-COO—H—-NH2-L’, C60(H3)(NH(CH2)5COO- )3{NH+ 3(CH2)5COOH}3 10H2O type. Hydrate molecular weight is 1683.

N-fullerene-tris-aminocaproic acid hydrate

The hydrate of N-fullerene-tris-aminocaproic acid, having the following molecular formula {NH(CH2 )5COOH}3 (H)3 10H2O, was obtained by the reaction of nucleophilic addition of aminocaproic acid to C60 fullerene at the amino group with the formation of a C-N covalent bond. The molecular weight is 1293

Samples of amino acid derivatives of fullerene were obtained by the reaction of nucleophilic addition of the potassium salt of ε-aminocaproic acid (ACA), taken in a 30-fold excess, to a solution of [60]fullerene in o-dichlorobenzene in the presence of PEG-400 as a phase transfer catalyst at 60 °C and access to atmospheric oxygen.

Based on the substances, the following dosage forms were produced.

  • ointment active against herpes type 1, 2
  • ointment active against genital warts
  • sublingual tablets active against HIV
  • sublingual tablets active against respiratory syncytial virus and the flu