Scientific articles and participation in international conferences

The Intelpharm Group together with «ImQuest Bio Sciences» took part in 27th International Conference on Antiviral Research(12-16 May 2014, Raleigh, North Carolina, USA), where it presented the results of its latest achievements in the development of chemical compounds.

The Intelpharm Group of companies took part in the IV International Conference on the pathogenesis, treatment and prevention of HIV (IAS 2007) in Sydney (Australia) on July 22-25, 2007. Reports on the latest developments in the field of clinical and preventive science, including a report by Intelpharm on the latest antiviral substance, were presented at the conference.

In 2015 the Intelpharm Group of companies presented the report “ Fullerene C60, C70 and their organic derivatives: production for medical application” at the world Fullerene conference, dedicated to the30th anniversary of fullerenes discovery. Hohhot, China.

Journal «Pharmacology»

Fullerenes against AIDS